Warren Grunderfest, MD, PhD

Dr. Grundfest is a professor of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Surgery at UCLA. He is also the Senior West Coast Advisor and Portfolio Manager for Biomaterials and Nanomaterials at TATRC US Army. Dr. Grundfest has a BA from Swarthmore College, an MD from Columbia University and did his general surgery residency at UCLA. He was the General Surgery Chief resident at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center from 1982-1985

Dr. Paul Wan DVM DACVS

Paul Wan is a Broad Certified Equine Surgeon and owner of SoCal Equine Hospital. Dr. Wan has more than 15 years experience in all major fields of surgery, including soft tissue, orthopedics, laparoscopic, and laser. He specializes in equine lameness diagnosis and treatment. As a Medicus advisory board member, Dr. Wan performs feasibility assessments and early proof of concept work for Medicus products for the equine industry. He performed the early feasibility and safety work on the use of the HyFlex technology in the equine joint and skin, and the use of HyFlex as a "paint on" drug delivery vehicle for the treatment of equine sarcoids and squamous cell carcinoma.  Dr. Wan is an active member of AVMA, ACVS, AAEP, CVMA, and ISLEP.

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