Tom Overbay - Expedite Animal Health

Dr. Thomas D. Overbay serves as a business development and technical consultant to the animal and human health industries. He is one of the founders of Expedite Animal Health which is a company formed to assist with the development of products in the veterinary industry including pharmaceuticals, biologicals, devices, and diagnostics. Expedite’s clients span the globe and include some of the largest multinational animal health companies to the smallest of startup companies as well as the financial community including venture capital and private equity.

Dr. Overbay brings over 25 years of experience in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. He has served as the senior business development officer for a major animal health company and has served in similar roles with a contract services provider and start-up animal health companies in the US and internationally. In addition to business development, Dr. Overbay’s background of veterinary practice, technical services, and sales management provides him with a unique perspective of the scientific, financial, and legal aspects of innovative technologies. Dr. Overbay has successfully brought to market a number of products arising from universities, government agencies, human hospitals, start-up companies (both human and veterinary), and multinational pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Dr. Overbay holds his veterinary degree from the VirginiaMaryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and resides in Louisburg, Kansas. 

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