A specially formulated, long-lasting,transparent hydrogel for wound protection

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What our customers are saying:

  • "We used SutureSeal on an adult female Grey Seal (which seems fitting given the name of the product) after two surgical procedures. The SutureSeal worked fantastically. As this animal is large and lives in the water, traditional bandages were not feasible. She did scratch at one incision and cause some dehiscence, but that had nothing to do with the SutureSeal and the other incision healed fantastically. After cleaning and re-suturing the opened incision, we used SutureSeal on it again and it healed without incident. Having SutureSeal to protect the incision from the environment definitely facilitated faster healing and we have already purchased another SutureSeal kit because it worked so well.  The product worked great and we were very happy with it. Since we have so many species that we can’t bandage, it is a phenomenal asset to our veterinary toolkit."
    -Dennis Michels, DVM
  • “We are really impressed with SutureSeal. We’ve used SutureSeal on over 100 horses and it protects wounds from infection better than bandages. Its application is a lot easier than bandaging and we are now able to protect hard to reach areas. I have documented a lower instance of infection, a faster healing time and minimized scarring with SutureSeal. SutureSeal has proven to be invaluable to my practice. Importantly too, my clients are extremely happy that it saves time and reduces the costs of repeated re-bandaging.”
    -Paul Wan, DVM, Diplomate ACVS
  • “I have used SutureSeal to cover incisions from many procedures such as knee surgeries and thoracotomies. I am pleased with the ease of the mixing system and the application process. SutureSeal is also ideal for painful open wounds that we see in our ER and that cannot be covered with traditional bandages. SutureSeal has been an exciting solution in our hospital as its versatile nature allows for use in many specialties. We are excited to continue to use SutureSeal on many different cases and offer this novel solution to our clients!”
    -Barbara R. Gores, DVM, Diplomate ACVS